5 thoughts on “Glove Anesthesia in Hypnosis – Medical Hypnotherapy Pain management

  1. In August, I had to have a very painful surgery, and I had to take a ton of meds to control my pain, but they made me feel very tired and nauseous, so I decided to try self-hypnosis. My dad, who is a hypnotherapist, taught me? how to take control of my own pain by imagining my pain as the volume of the radio, which is controled by turning a dial. This technique seems to work better than the glove one for me because I find it easier to use images to create feelings rather than just imagining them.

  2. Hi Richard, after a motorbike crash I was left with a left? sided brachial plexus injury.
    I have servere nerve? pain in my left arm now for which I take strong meds.
    I’ve been reading some literature about Dr. Hilgards experiments in blocking pain and his so called “hidden observer.”
    My question is, can hypnosis reduce or hopefully block the pain for someone like me whose attention is continuously hijacked by pain?

  3. Hey Richard. Very similar to how I sleep after a hard days work on the phones, only my A&P studies allows me to name the muscles involved and to breath deeply with the Gut? not the stomach.

  4. Richard, love your videos! Your video on sleep really helped me out when I was having a hard time relaxing for bed. Love the video, and thank you for sharing some of your information for free on YouTube – your videos were what got me interested in hypnosis? to begin with. :D

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